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bachelorettes's Journal

The Björk & Tori Amos Community
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This is the community for those who enjoy Björk & Tori Amos' Music... at the same time.

We want to keep the balance, memebers of this community can ask a question, post their reviews & opinions in a more relaxed way, because, maybe in other communities, forums & boards they don't feel it's safe to talk about.

Or talk about both, Tori & Björk, in a same topic, maybe create Song, Album, Video, etc Battles, in a healthy way of course.

You can show us a rare pic or piece of info,your creations inspired by Björk & Tori, maybe a painting or a drawing with both in it.

The two biggest communities for each are:
bjorkish & toriamos

But those communities doesn't focus their content to news only either, so if any member want to post something that is really big, like 'Tori's New Tour' or 'Release Date for the new Björk album', they're encouraged to do it, and if we've something exclusive, they can share it in other communities.

This community wants to give the best of both worlds.

Your Host: hcr

Please keep the community On-Topic: Only Björk & Tori Related.

This community is NOT for you to advertise your own personal projects, your latest community, your forum or message board, lj layout or anything else that would qualify as off topic.

If you find a Björk/Tori related survey or quiz post the results in your own journal.

We discourage the sale and/or sharing of illegal material, and aren't a publicity medium for your sales.