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Tori song on new Neil Gaiman CD - The Björk & Tori Amos Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Tori song on new Neil Gaiman CD [Jul. 12th, 2006|05:36 pm]
The Björk & Tori Amos Community


[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Ego Likeness - The Order of The Reptile]

There are exclusive tracks Tori Amos, Thea Gilmore, Rasputina and others on Where’s Neil When You Need Him?, the new CD from Neil Gaiman. IsoTank Music is now shipping Where’s Neil When You Need Him? (its official release date is July 18th). The album will also be available from Tori's Online Shop as well as your favorite independent or chain retailer.

In addition to the lavish 20 page booklet with extensive liner notes by Neil Gaiman and exclusive all-new artwork from Dave McKean, there’s some fantastic music on the CD. All seventeen tracks are exclusive to this CD and are inspired by Neil's stories and characters. (And no, Neil doesn't sing on the CD)

1 Rasputina - Coraline
2 ThouShaltNot - When Everyone Forgets
3 Tapping The Vein - Trader Boy
4 Lunascape - Raven Star
5 Deine Lakaien - A Fish Called Prince
6 Thea Gilmore - Even Gods Do
7 Rose Berlin (feat. Curve) - Coraline
8 Schandmaul - Magda Treadgolds Maerchen
9 Hungry Lucy - We Won't Go
10 Voltaire w/The Oddz - Come Sweet Death
11 Future Bible Heroes - Mr. Punch
12 Razed in Black - The Endless
13 The Cruxshadows - Wake the White Queen
14 Ego Likeness - You Better Leave the Stars Alone
15 Azam Ali - The Cold Black Key
16 Joachim Witt - Vandemar
17 Tori Amos - Sister Named Desire (Remastered Version)